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October 2019



   Metal & Enamel Dice Set


   D100 Polyhedral Dice


   Nightmare Before Christmas Danglers



June 2018



   Pokemon Gym Badges



April 2018



   Fairy Tail Celestial Spirit Gate Keys


   Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Set


   My Neighbor Totoro Deluxe Straps



March 2018



   My Neighbor Totoro Plush


   My Neighbor Totoro Otedama Plush


   Studio Ghibli Plush



August 2017



   The Legend of Zelda Ocarina



February 2017






January 2017



   Godzilla Mini Figure Collection



November 2016



   Sailor Moon Necklace Pendant Set



July 2016



   Pokemon Figure Charms [Tomy]


   Pokemon Super Get Collection [Bandai]


   Pokemon Trading Figure Game [Kaiyodo]


   Pokemon Best Wishes Figure Collection [Nintendo]


   Pokemon Kids DX Figures [Bandai]



September 2015



   Pokemon Plush [Banpresto]


   Dragon Ball Z Prize Figures [Banpresto]




July 2015



   Chi's Sweet Home Plush


   My Neighbor Totoro Messenger Bags



June 2015



   Gundam Model Kits June 2015 [Bandai]



April 2015



   Studio Ghibli Finger Puppets


   Attack on Titan Prize Figures



March 2015



   League of Legends Plush Hats


   Studio Ghibli Diorama Collection [Chaoer]


   Gundam Model Kits March 2015 [Bandai]


   Super Mario Bros. Choco Egg Collections [Furuta]



January 2015



   Kirby Plush Keychains [Nintendo]


   Gundam Model Kits January 2015 [Bandai]


   Attack on Titan Canvas Bags



October 2014



   Pokemon Battle Figure Collection [Tomy]


   Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection



July 2014



   Hello Kitty Cell Phone Charms [Sanrio]



June 2014



   Gundam Model Kits June 2014 [Bandai]


   Power Rangers Samurai Figure Charms [Bandai]


   My Little Pony Mini Figures [Hasbro]



April 2014



   Hello Kitty Key Caps [Sanrio]


   Godzilla Tokyo Vinyl [Bandai]



March 2014



   Gundam Model Kits March 2014 [Bandai]



January 2014



   Gundam Model Kits January 2014 [Bandai]



December 2013



   Kirby 12" Plush [Nintendo]



November 2013



   Gundam Model Kits November 2013 [Bandai]


   Dragon Ball Z Real Works [Bandai]


   The Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Figures Pt. 1


   The Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Figures Pt. 2



July 2013



   Gundam Model Kits July 2013 [Bandai]



June 2013



   Gunze Mr. Metal Color Paint [GSI Creos]



May 2013



   Harlock Saga Figurines [Furuta]


   Star Wars Vehicle Collection 6 [F-Toys]


   Free Comic Book Day 2013



April 2013



   S.H. Monsterarts [Bandai]


   Gundam Model Kits April 2013 [Bandai]



March 2013



   Godzilla Mini Figure Collection [Furuta]



January 2013



   Super One Piece Styling Figures [Bandai]


   Star Wars BE@R Bricks 2 [Medicom]


   Dragon Ball Z HSCF Figures [Banpresto]


   Terminator 2 T-800 Endoskeleton [Aoshima]


   Pokemon Soft Vinyl Figure Collection [Tomy]


   Gundam Model Kits December 2012 [Bandai]



November 2012



   Pokemon Evolution Figure Collection [Tomy]


   The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks [Furuta]



October 2012



   Dragon Ball Z Figures [Bandai]


   Gundam Model Kits October 2012 [Bandai]



September 2012



   Star Wars Vehicle Collection 5 [F-Toys]



April 2012



   Marvel 'The Avengers' Super Heroes [Monogram]


   SpaceGodzilla [S.H. MonsterArts]


   The Smurfs Charms Collection [The Smurfs]


   Gundam Model Kits April 2012 [Bandai]


   Megaman X Figure (Comic-Con 2011) [D-Arts]


   70's Jet Collection [F-Toys]



March 2012



   Disney Pook-a-Looz Collection [Disney]


   Gundam Model Kits March 2012 [Bandai]


   Maritime Patrol Aircraft Collection [F-Toys]



February 2012



   Animal Iwako Erasers [Iwako]


   My Nieghbor Totoro Charms [Studio Ghibli]


   Fender Guitar Collection 2 [F-Toys]


   Kamen Rider Mask Collection 3 [Bandai]



January 2012



   Sonic the Hedgehog Head Dangler [Tomy]


   Monster Hunter 6 [Bandai]


   Godzilla & Mechagodzilla [S.H. Monsterarts]


   Marvel Heroes Buildable Figurines [A&A Global]


   Domo Figurines [A&A Global]


   Big Bird Volume 5 [Cafe Reo]


   Gundam Model Kits January 2012 [Bandai]


   Gundam Trading Figure Collections 2012 [Bandai]



December 2011



   Pokemon Clipping Figure Collection [Bandai]


   Ultimate Monsters 'Ultraman' Collection [Bandai]


   Star Blazers 'Argo' Sectional Model [Bandai]


   Star Blazers Mechanical Collection 3 [Zacca P.A.P.]


   Mario Kart Pull Back Racers [Nintendo]


   Super Mario Galaxy Desktop Figures [Nintendo]


   Super Mario Bros. Wii Mini Mascots [Tomy]


   Extinct Beasts Collection Pt. 1 [Koro Koro]


   Extinct Beasts Collection Pt. 2 [Koro Koro]


   The Nightmare Before Christmas 'Santa Jack' [Jun Planning]


   Gundam Model Kits November 2011 [Bandai]


   Batman Mini Figure Comics Selection [Yamato]



November 2011



   The Nightmare Before Christmas 'Movie Dioramas' [Jun Planning]


   Macross Valkyrie Collection [F-Toys]


   The Nightmare Before Christmas 'Character Busts' [Jun Planning]


   Godzilla Jigsaw Puzzle [Godzilla]


   Wing Kit Collection 7 [F-Toys]



October 2011



   Gamera Keychain Collection [Rocket Pro]


   Just Arrived


   Flip Flop Solar Flowers [Solar Nodders]


   Sushi Chef [Solar Nodders]


   The Nightmare Before Christmas Deluxe Figures [Jun Planning]


   The Nightmare Before Christmas 'Action Figures' [Jun Planning]


   Fortune Cat [Solar Nodders]


   The Simpsons Mini Figure Collection [Tomy]



September 2011



   Super Mario 8" Plush [Goldie International]


   Gundam Model Kits September 2011 [Bandai]


   The Legend of Zelda Buildable Figures [Tomy]


   Sonic the Hedgehog Buildable Figures [Tomy]


   Designers Chair Limited Color Volume 3 [reac Japan]



August 2011



   Star Wars Vehicle Collection 4 [F-Toys]


   Wing Kit Collection 6 [F-Toys]


   Super Mario Galaxy 2 Enemy Danglers [Tomy]


   Disney Mascot Kewpie Collection [Run'a]


   Snap-In Dinosaur Figure Collection [Kaiyodo]


   Disney Pixar Figure Collection [Furuta]


   Star Wars Mini Figure [MK Ice Tea]


   Snoopy Peanuts Diorama Collection [Tomy]


   Hello Kitty Sweet Summer Danglers [Tomy]



July 2011



   Remote Controlled Wall-E & Eve [Thinkway Toys]


   Hello Kitty Mini Figure Collection [Sanrio]


   Hello Kitty Formation Arts [Square Enix]


   Disney Princess Swinging Figures [Tomy]


   Miniature Snap-In Airplanes & Tanks [Furuta]



June 2011



   Gundam Model Kits June 2011 [Bandai]


   Super Mario Bros. Collection Wii [Furuta]


   Royal Museum of Science Space Series 1 [Takara]



January 2011



   Pokemon Fun Figure Charms [Tomy]


   USAF Century Series Fighter Collection [F-Toys]


   Dragon Ball GT Figure Collection [Bandai]



December 2010




   Disney 'The Incredibles' Figure Collection [Run'a]


   Watchmen Kubrick Set [Medicom]


   Disney Princess Swinging Figures [Tomy]


   Toy Story Swinging Figures [Tomy]


   Toy Story Buildable Figures [Tomy]


   Super Mario Bros. Collection 3 [Furuta]


   Star Wars BE@R Bricks [Medicom]


   Star Blazers Fighters Collection [Zacca P.A.P.]


   Wing Kit Collection 4 [F-Toys]



November 2010




   Super Mario Bros. Collection [Furuta]


   Gundam Model Kits November 2010 [Bandai]


   Nightmare Before Christmas 'Jack Skellington' Collection [Jun Planning]


   Ultimate Spider-Man Figure Collection [Kaiyodo]


   Nightmare Before Christmas RC 'Remote Control' Racers [Jun Planning]


   Star Wars Vinyl Figures [Polydata]



October 2010



   JWings 4 Plus Alpha Collection [Cafe Reo]


   Felix the Cat Mini Figure Collection [Organic]


   Star Blazers Cosmo Fleet Collection [MegaHouse]


   Capcom Steel Battalion Figure Collection [Yamato]


   Road Bike Collection [F-Toys]


   POP Yoshimura Racing Collection [F-Toys]


   Macross Solid Archive Collection [Bandai]



September 2010



   Gundam Model Kits September 2010 [Bandai]



August 2010



   Nightmare Before Christmas 'The Cut' Dioramas [Jun Planning]


   Dive Bomber Collection [Cafe Reo]


   Donald Duck & Friends Figure Collection [F-Toys]



July 2010



   Star Wars Vehicle Collection 03 [F-Toys]


   Alice in Wonderland Figure Collections [Furuta]


   Disney Cars Collection [F-Toys]


   TinkerBell Friend Figure Collection [F-Toys]


   Big Bird Volume 4 [Cafe Reo]


   Wing Kit Collection 3 [F-Toys]


   Euro Jet Collection [F-Toys]



May 2010



   Cosmix Figure Collections [Bandai]


   World Tank Museum Series 07 [Takara]



April 2010



   Spider-Man 3 Figure Collection [Bandai]



March 2010



   1/700 JMSDF AEGIS Destroyers [Takara]


   Star Trek Snap-Together Models 3a [Furuta]


   Star Trek Snap-Together Models 3b [Furuta]



February 2010



   Thunderbird Mechanic Collection [F-Toys]



January 2010



   Big Bird Volume 3 [Cafe Reo]


   Big Bird Volume 1 [Cafe Reo]


   Big Bike Collection [F-Toys]


   Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato) Mechanical Collection 3 [Zacca P.A.P]


   World Tank Museum Series 09 [Takara]



December 2009



   The Nightmare Before Christmas Collection [F-Toys]


   1/144 Apollo 11 & Saturn V Launch Vehicle [Bandai]


   World Wing Museum 3rd Squadron [Takara]


   Toy Story Real Figure Collection [F-Toys]


   Lilo & Stitch Figure Collection 2 [F-Toys]



November 2009



   Gundam Models [Bandai]


   Superman Returns Dioramas [Hot Toys]


   1/12 Designers Chair [reac Japan]


   Astro Boy Charms



October 2009



   Twin Engine Aircraft Collection 3 [F-Toys]


   JWings 1: Cold War Era Fighter Collection [Cafe Reo]


   Gamera: Little Braves [Konami]



September 2009



   Mononofu IV: Historical Armor Collection [Boford]


   Seaplane Collection [F-Toys]


   JWings 4: Navy and Marine Freak Collection [Cafe Reo]


   Ultimate Monsters Godzilla Collection [Bandai]



August 2009



   Star Wars Vehicle Collection 02 [F-Toys]


   Godzilla Complete Works Collection [Bandai]



July 2009



   Master Model New Releases [July 2009]


   Early Jet Collection [F-Toys]



April 2009



   World Air Museum Collection [Furuta]



March 2009



   Wing Kit Collection 02 [F-Toys]


   Motor Tank Collection 02 [F-Toys]


   Master Model New Releases [March 2009]



January 2009



   Star Wars Vehicle Collection [F-Toys]



November 2008



   1/144 German U-Boat Type VII-C [Targa]


   Ray Harryhausen Hollywood Movie Monsters [Furuta]


   JWings 3: Vietnam War Fighters Collection [Cafe Reo]



October 2008



   Star Trek Federation and Alien Collection Vol. 2 [Furuta]


   Wings of the Luftwaffe 03 [Takara]



June 2008



   The Warship Collection [Furuta]


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